Great Commissions

Earn big by promoting the HORECA Affiliate Program. 7% - 10% commission and download bonuses

Exclusive selling price

A portfolio of exclusive offers and discounts from a variety of products for you to promote

Trusted Brand

We have trusted brands that can multiply your income in less time

Supporting Affiliates: Benefits for Everyone 


As an approved user on our platform, you get:

FLAT 7% Commission

Earn a FLAT 7% commission on orders.

Rewards & Gift Hampers

Get rewarded with 100 AED or a fantastic gift hamper upon reaching 25+ orders through our HORECA Affiliate Program!

Instant Transfer

You can easily track your commission from the dashboard and can easily withdraw your amount within 14 days.


As a registered website affiliate, you receive:

FLAT 10% Commission

Enjoy a FLAT 10% commission rate on orders.

Custom Benefits

Adjustable commissions based on your performance.

Secondary Commission

You can earn commissions for the sales they directly generate and the sales generated by affiliates you referred to the program.

Become A Horeca Affiliate Partner 

Register In 3 Simple Steps


Become part of our growing group of content creators, publishers, and bloggers earning with the HORECA Affiliate Program.


Share your link/code to invite and connect your audience with our wide variety of top-notch products.


Get 7-10 % commissions on qualifying purchases, taking advantage of great conversion rates for more earnings!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HORECA Affiliate Program and how does it work?

The HORECA Affiliate Program helps you make money by sending potential customers to HORECA Connect using special affiliate links and promo materials. You earn commissions for every new customer you bring in.

What is the HORECA Store?

The HORECA Store is a one-stop shop where you can buy almost anything at very low prices!

Does HORECA run any referral or affiliate programs

Yes, HORECA has an affiliate program. You can earn good commissions by referring customers to HORECA’s website.

How do I qualify for this program?

It’s free! Joining our program costs nothing, and there’s no minimum sales requirement.

How do I sign up for the program?

Just click the “Sign up” button to get started. Once you sign up, you’ll get your affiliate link and code to share with others and recommend HORECA Affiliate.

How does the HORECA Affiliate Program work? 

The HORECA Affiliate Program works by allowing you to promote their products and earn commissions on resulting sales.

How do I earn in the HORECAAffiliate program? 

You earn in The HORECA Affiliate Program by generating sales through referral links.

How long does it take before I can withdraw the commission/rewards?

You can easily withdraw your commission/amount within 14 days.